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Robert Dudley's Kenilworth Art Collection

Art 08 Maltrevers.jpg

8.  The picture of the Lord Maltrevers, with a curtaine.

Thought to be Henry (1538-1556) the only son of Henry FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel.   He married, but died aged only 18.   His sister Jane became Baroness Lumley and was first to translate Euripides into English.   Henry was outlived by his other sister Mary, Duchess of Norfolk, via whom the Arundel earldom passed to the Dukes of Norfolk.

9.  Picture of the Lord of Pembroke, with curtaines.

Art 9
Art 09 Pembroke.jpg

Portrait dated 1567.   Welsh nobleman Sir William Herbert (1501-1570) 1st Earl of Pembroke and 1st Baron Herbert of Cardiff was a friend and political ally of Robert Dudley.   He married Anne Parr, sister of Catherine, the sixth wife of Henry VIII.    He was an executor of Henry’s will, and a guardian of the young King Edward VI.

Art 10 Pembroke.jpg

10.  Picture of the Lord of Pembroke, with curtaines.

Sir William Herbert became the most effective commander for Mary I in the war with France, becoming governor of Calais, and president of Wales.   After the death of Anne, he married Anne Talbot.   He died at Hampton Court and was buried in Old St Pauls’ Cathedral, but his grave and monument were destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Art 11

11.  Picture of the Counte Egmondt, with curtaines.

Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Prince of Gavere (1522-1568) was a general and leading nobleman in the Spanish Netherlands just before the start of the Eighty Years' War.   He fought in the service of the Spanish, defeating the French in two battles.   As a devout Catholic, Egmont was a member of King Philip II of Spain’s Council of State for Flanders and Artois.

Art 11 Egmont.jpg
Art 12 Egmont.jpg

12.  Picture of the Counte Egmondt, with curtaines.

Egmont married Countess Palatine Sabineof Simmern and had eleven children.   He protested against the introduction of the inquisition in Flanders, and was arrested on charges of heresy, and imprisoned.   His subsequent execution, aged only 37, helped spark the national uprising that eventually led to the independence of the Netherlands.

13.  The picture of the Queene of Scotts, with a curtaine.

A onetime potential wife of Robert Dudley, Mary spent most of her childhood in France, marrying the Dauphin in 1558.   Returning to Scotland, she married Lord Darnley and had a son, James.   Following an uprising, she fled south seeking protection.   In 1586 Mary was found guilty of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth and was beheaded in 1587.

Art 13
Art 13 Mary.jpg
Art 14 Phillip.jpg
Art 14

14.  The picture of King Phillip, with a curtaine.

1554 portrait of Philip II as prince, by Tiziano Vecelli, known as Titian.   Philip (1527-1598), who was widowed four times, presided over the Spanish Golden Age in which Spain reached the height of its influence and power, despite many financial troubles.   He launched the armada in 1588 attempting to overthrow Elizabeth I and Protestant England.

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