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Robert Dudley's Kenilworth Art Collection

Art 29 Holstrate.jpg

29.  The picture of Count Holstrate, with a curtaine.

The Dutch Protestant martyr Antoon II van Lalaing (1533-1568) 3rd Count Hoogstraten.   Like Horn and Egmont, Hoogstraten was also summoned by the Duke of Alva to appear before the Council of Deputies in Brussels, and his possessions were forfeited.   In the battle of Jodoigne he shot himself in the foot with his own pistol and died of his injuries.

30.  The picture of Monsieur Brederode, with a curtaine.

This portrait is of his grandson, the third Duke of the same name.   Don Gómez Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba (1520-1571) came to England with Phillip II, as ambassador, and was afterwards created the first Duke of Feria in Spain.    He married Jane Dormer (1538-1612) an English lady-in-waiting and niece of Robert Dudley’s brother-in-law Sir Henry Sidney.

Art 30
Art 30 Brederode.jpg
Art 31 Alva.jpg

31.  The picture of the Duke Alva, with a curtaine.

1568 portrait by Adriaen Key.   Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alba (1507-1582) Grand Duke of Alba, was a Spanish noble, diplomat, and a very effective general.   As governor of the Netherlands he harshly repressed rebel citizens, executing over 5,000, including the Flemish Catholic nobles, Count Egmont and Count de Horne.

Art 31

32.  The picture of the Cardinal Granville, with a curtaine.

Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle (1517-1586) was a leading minister of the Spanish Habsburgs becoming one of the most influential European politicians during the emergence of Protestantism in Europe.   He conducted the negotiations for the marriage of Mary Tudor to Philip II, and was appointed chief councillor to the regent Margaret of Parma.

Art 32 Granville.jpg
Art 32
Art 33 Parma.jpg

33.  The picture of the Duches of Parma, with a curtaine.

1559 (oil on panel transferred to canvas) portrait by Anthonis Mor.   Margherita di Parma (1522-1586) was the illegitimate daughter of the then 22-year-old Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.   Engaged aged five, and widowed at fifteen, she became Governor of the Netherlands, and Duchess of Florence and Duchess of Parma and Piacenza by marriage.

Art 33

34.  The picture of Henrie Earl of Pembroke.

Sir Henry Herbert (1538-1601) 2nd Earl of Pembroke was a very close and intimate confident of Robert Dudley.   His marriage to Lady Catherine Grey (sister of Lady Jane Grey) was dissolved, and he married Lady Catherine Talbot.   Catherine became fatally ill and died childless in 1575.   In 1577 Henry married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Sidney.

Art 34 Pembroke.jpg
Art 34
Art 35 Countess.jpg

35.  The picture of the young Countess.

Mary Herbert, (née Sydney, 1561-1621) was the niece of Robert Dudley, who arranged her marriage to his close ally Henry, Earl of Pembroke.   Mary was one of the first English women to earn a reputation for her poetry, and her play ‘Antonius’ revived interest in the soliloquy and was likely referenced by Shakespeare for ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ (1607).   She relaxed by shooting pistols and playing cards, and died of smallpox.

Art 35
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