Kenilworth Castle in 1575
Kenilworth Castle in 1575

a Virtual 3D Reconstruction and Interactive Visualisation

Previously for (an independent CATIA consultancy) and (automated construction planning) this website is now dedicated to my current long-term Kenilworth Castle project.

    An initial curiosity as to the extent of the medieval mere has been expanded, over several years, to include a detailed reconstruction of all of the castle structures, and 6 km2 of surrounding (LIDAR based) terrain.   The model data has been imported into the Unity game engine to provide a fully interactive 3D virtual experience.   A guided tour, a quiz, and various historical activities and animated features have been incorporated to enhance the educational content.   This project remains a work in progress.

       This brief video illustrates just some of the features...

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      In anticipation of advanced academic study, 3 provisional researched articles were generated...

  • Creating and Evaluating a 3D Virtual Reconstruction of a Castle as an Educational Asset A Search for Advice.
  • A Qualitative Evaluation for Heritage Site 3D Virtual Reconstruction Features.
  • The Virtual 3D Reconstruction of a Medieval Castle – How far can basic research and logic take you?

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      If you are an eductional software or game development company with opportunity suggestions, or a heritage visualisation expert with additional observations, you can contact me via email... 

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