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a Virtual 3D Reconstruction and Interactive Visualisation

Previously for (an independent CATIA consultancy) and (automated construction planning), this website now presents a long-term heritage reconstruction project.

Kenilworth Castle in 1575

An initial curiosity as to the extent of the medieval mere has been expanded, over several years, to include a detailed reconstruction of all of the castle structures, and 6 square kilometres of surrounding (LIDAR based) terrain.   The model data has been imported into the Unity game engine to provide a fully interactive 3D virtual experience.   A guided tour, a quiz, and various historical activities and animated features, have been incorporated to enhance the educational content.

This 7½ minute video montage illustrates just some of the features...

View the Guided Tour option texts, with illustrations.

Review Robert Dudley's Kenilworth art collection (mainly portraits), with the caption texts.

Explore the Great Hall, in the evening.

 In anticipation of advanced academic study, 3 provisional researched articles were generated...

  • Creating and Evaluating a 3D Virtual Reconstruction of a Castle as an Educational Asset – A Search for Advice.

  • A Qualitative Evaluation for Heritage Site 3D Virtual Reconstruction Features.

  • The Virtual 3D Reconstruction of a Medieval Castle – How far can basic research and logic take you?

If you are an eductional software or game development company with opportunity suggestions, or a heritage visualisation expert with any comments or advice, you can contact me via email:

Last modified: February 2024

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