SUperPlan™ - Intelligent / automated 4D Construction Planning
  SUperPlan™ - Intelligent / automated 4D Construction Planning
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"From design to BOM, schedule and construction simulation in minutes instead of days"

"Automate basic/tedious tasks – release more time for rewarding tasks"


The Concept...


SUperPlan is a plugin/extension for Google/Trimble SketchUp. 3D CAD systems inherently provide the size, location and other geometric property values required to automate many downstream processes, such as quantities take-off.


SUperPlan determines the type (column, slab, wall, etc.) of the modelled objects according to a user defined classification system (i.e. activity codes), currently an extended version of SMM7 - the UK RICS Standard Method of Measurement for building elements.

The corresponding measurable size, cost, man-days and other resources required for the classified objects are then calculated from the object properties (volume, area, weight, etc.) and user-definable rates files.
Spatial relationships and available resources determine a construction sequence, which can be interactively reviewed, and from which can be generated an XML or MPX format export for planning systems, a video record in AVI format, and/or an FBX format export with timing data for 3ds Max.

To integrate with existing construction planning processes, SUperPlan reads and writes data in industry standard formats such as IFC.


Building Information Modelling...

Many construction industry articles, products and services now include the BIM acronym. (See youtube_BIM_video for an introduction to BIM). SketchUp with SUperPlan can already participate in the government announced BIM strategy - via IFC import and export functions. Additionally, SUperPlan can add value; by classification (indentifying purpose), data validation (for example by checking for structural coherence), and scheduling (adding timing data).

See youtube_SUperPlan_Functions_video for a 9 minute overview of SUperPlan.

See youtube_SUperPlan_video_output for a generated AVI video example.

(See tabs for) MS-Project-Plan or Asta-Plan Gantt chart output examples.


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